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Development & Operations

Avoid friction between development ("new features!") and operations ("stability!") by implementing a DevOps model.

We develop…

…long lasting, easy-to-use web applications. We take care of high code testability and high unit test coverage in order to be able to deploy new releases at the flick of a switch.

We operate…

…webservers on physical or virtual machines that cope with large volumes. We automate webserver administration.

Success Stories

Providing our services for over 15 years, we helped many companies in succeeding. Read up what we did.
Europes 2nd largest publishing company

based in Hamburg, Germany

Connected multiple Teradata Digital Messaging Centers (DMC) to the company's Single Sign On (SSO) system based on PHP/Symfony. All SSO emails are now part of campaigns that can be tracked and provide analytical data.

Schmidt DevOps enabled the client track emails and accomplished the transition from unstyled plain-text emails to HTML emails with multi-client corporate design.

Producer of premium cars & the world's biggest manufacturer of commercial vehicles

based in Stuttgart, Germany

Developed and operated intranet WordPress, Confluence, and Piwik instances, provided monitoring, and service automation.

Schmidt DevOps helped modernising and consolidating the customer's intranet blog platform.

Adternity GmbH
(now belongs to IPONWEB)

based in Duisburg, Germany

Provided frontend and backend programming for custom-built user interfaces, integration environments and reporting dashboards that helped enable companies to manage, plan and transact digital advertising.

Schmidt DevOps introduced a unit testing middleware and provided an deplyoment middleware that made shorter release cycles possible.

Smashing Magazine

based in Freiburg, Germany

Provided WordPress and Magento plugin development, WordPress & Magento integration & server administration

Schmidt DevOps helped Smashing Magazine climbing from Alexa rank ~10000 to ~1500 and cope with a drastic traffic and visitor surge.

Stefanie Schmidt

…has a BSc. (hons.) 1st Class in Games Programming and is currently expanding her focus to backend web application programming

…also has experience developing games with Unity 3D and WebGL

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Rene Schmidt

…has 22 years of experience as LAMP developer and administrator

…also does JavaScript and Java development

…is a certified TeleTrust Information Security Professional (T.I.S.P.) and a unit testing evangelist

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